Celebrity favorites, Maria Lucia Hohan’s dresses are spotted on the red carpet at almost all Hollywood events that make headlines. Upon preparing to become an interior designer, Maria found herself to be more attracted to fashion design and in the end she graduated a top school in Paris, with a master in textile design. Her amazing sense of fabrics went from passion to business only to become later on, a signature: an amazing color palette declined on silk fabrics, carefully selected and custom dyed for each season. She ended up creating a new category of evening gowns: fresh, young, simple and sophisticated. “I couldn’t find a gown that suited my age and style. I never liked the classic prom dresses, nor the bridal guest type. I felt the need to create a new kind of silhouette and texture” she explains.

Her vision is highly appreciated by A list stars stepping on the red carpet. From Jennifer Lopez wearing MLH in the video productions of her latest tour and on the red carpet, to Dita von Teese, Bella Thorne, Emily Ratajkowski, Eva Longoria, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, Maria Menounos, Giuliana Rancic or Jennifer Hudson. Editorials, magazine covers, red carpet events or even advertising campaigns for celebrity owned brands are now featuring MLH creations, establishing Maria Lucia Hohan as an important name among the new wave of fashion designers.

MLH Fashion

MLH Fashion

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MLH Fashion

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